Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities that I have visited and must go back. It will be your starting point if visiting further afield in Japan and will set the scene for you brilliantly – each neighbourhood typifying a region or era.

Mori Art Museum

Visit time: 1 hour

Set in an urban development, the vision of Roppongi Hills was to serve as a habitat for the future – a community where all needs are catered to. This includes the museum, whose mission is it to showcase Asian art, focusing on contemporary practice. It holds a rich programme of exhibitions showcasing Asian (not just Japanese) art and current trends. It is located at the top of the Mori Tower and should you be there at night a visit to the viewing deck is recommended.

Sasya Kanetanaka

Visit time: However long to enjoy a delicious lunch

This is a small gem of a restaurant located in the super swish Shimbashi neighbourhood. It has won a spot in The Art Pilgrim for the ultra chic minimalist design of multi-talent Hiroshi Sugimoto. The food is fantastic modern Japanese served on two long sharing tables. Every detail in the space is elegant and considered, and I recommend a visit. You might bump into Sugimoto himself who, apparently, eats there frequently.

Local Pilgrimages:

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