Interested in an Art Pilgrimage?

I offer bespoke tours to all the destinations listed on this site. Each visit will be tailored to your specifications, be it an international tour or a city visit. The price is dependant on what you are looking for so please get in contact to create an experience. I can take you there!
  • Visit any of the listed Art Pilgrimages

  • Special access to exclusive art world destinations and events

  • Meet international artists in special visits to their studios

  • Walking tours of London’s galleries and exhibitions

  • Discover the art world with an expert

  • 1:1 visits of all the major art fairs, including early VIP access (Basel, HK Art Basel, Miami Art Basel, Frieze London, Frieze Masters, Frieze New York, Frieze LA, TEFAF)

If you’d like to book a visit, recommend a place to add to the map, share a pilgrimage or leave a note, please get in touch here on by emailing